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Plants easily get stressed, especially when environmental conditions go beyond their threshold. Changes in taste and crop quality combined with an early harvest disrupts the supply chain, leaving these crops to spoil without reaching people. 


Depending on old crop calendar cycles is not sustainable now that our climate is changing. You need to have full visibility over your farm and make real-time decisions to keep your crops healthy.

How Our Solution Works

AniTech offers High-Value Crop Farmers a tech-enabled service for crop quality management. Our tech-enabled service includes:

Cloud Computing IOT Sensor Systems

Monitors significant data that affect crop quality and yield. We can monitor both the Production Stage (Greenhouses) and the Post-Harvest Stage (Warehouses and Storage).

Web Based Program

Visualizes the data from the Sensor Systems through multiple dashboards to provide real-time data, trends, maps, and forecasts.

Actionable Data

Sends automated Reports and Early Warning Notifications through SMS and Email.

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