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tech-enabled agriculture
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Farming and Storing Crops should no longer be a high stakes guessing game, but why is this still the case for the Philippines?

Equip your Agribusiness with Data-driven Insights through AniTech’s Suite

Hardware, Platform, and Actionable data in a single suite for crop and storage quality management

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IOT-based sensor systems that can be installed at pre-harvest and post-harvest operations to monitor critical data affecting crop quality.


A web platform that allows you to remotely monitor sensor data and visualize it using various dashboards designed for your agribusiness’s needs.

Data Driven Insights

Actionable Data in the form of Reports which helps users make data-driven decisions during pre-harvest and post-harvest.

Who We Are

AniTech is a hardware & software as a service company that helps monitor, track and optimize agribusiness operations through sensor and data solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

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With AniTech, you don't need to invest in:

  • More manpower to monitor your Agribusiness operations

  • Handheld sensors that require you to be onsite when you use them 

  • Data loggers that require you to download, process, and analyze the data manually 

  • Commercial sensor systems that only record 1 type of environmental condition

AniTech is the first Philippine startup focused on providing data-driven insights from pre-harvest to post-harvest.

Early Adopters

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