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We provide a low-cost solution for Agribusinesse

complete with real-time monitoring, tracking, and an early warning system in a single suite for Crop Quality Management.

The Domino Effect that leads
to Food Loss in the PH

Last 2020, the value of Agricultural Production in the Philippines was 18 Billion USD, with Crop Production being the highest Contributor. These crops go from production to post-harvest as they are planted, harvested, then stored until they are distributed locally or shipped for export. 


However, we lose 10 - 40% of these crops due to Food Loss because of the lack of infrastructure, poor actions, and decisions made across the supply chain.


In The State of Food Agriculture 2019, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO UN) stated that food loss is the decrease in the quantity or quality of food resulting from decisions and actions by food suppliers in the chain, excluding retailers, food service providers, and consumers.

Infrastructure limitations, climate, environmental conditions, quality, aesthetic and safety standards contribute to food loss.


Without  Crop Quality Management Systems in place, Farmers & Wholesalers are highly susceptible to errors due to manual tracking, crop spoilage, and crops failing quality assurance and getting rejected for distribution. 


Agri-stakeholders need to shift away from manual & traditional practices and move to innovative solutions that provide better visibility to make better decisions and keep up with global standards.


of Data


& Decision

Support Systems

  • Environmental

  • Soil

  • Biological

  • Cultural


Poor &     


Decision Making

  • Inability to act in real-time

  • Supply Chain Planning based on outdated information

  • Excessive use of inputs

  • Low Yield

  • Overstocking to account for spoilage

  • Mixing of fresh batches with spoiled batches

2 /




  • Rising Operations Cost

  • Inefficient Stock Flows

  • Inability to meet Quality Standard & Demand


Ambient Conditions

Relative Humidity
Carbon Dioxide


Effect on Fruits
& Vegetables

Shelf Life



Sensor systems that monitor environmental conditions for better crop quality and yield.


Web Based Platform for real-time visualization and crop quality management.

Actionable Data

Automated Reports and Early Warning Notifications through SMS and Email.

SOLUTIONS fit for your needs:


Who We Are

Our Impact

There's no exact figure on how much each stage of the food value chain losses. Sustainable food systems are the future -- but to achieve that, we need to understand food loss and how to reduce them.


Through our tech-enabled service, high-value crop farmers and wholesalers can reduce food losses and increase their revenues using a single suite for crop quality management at a lower cost, complete with real-time monitoring, tracking, and an early warning system deployed from production to distribution. 


Monitoring crop and storage quality is the first step in reducing food loss. With this solution, AniTech can provide more opportunities in Science & Technology by supporting local tech talent to develop our Core Technologies.


In the long run, our goal is to help farmers and wholesalers maintain freshness throughout the food supply chain, increase farm yield & supply chain productivity, and enable consumers with easier access to fresh & healthy foods.

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